The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra is a superbly equipped phone ever. M, at least paprov, great equipment in all directions and in addition there is a sub-display camera in the next generation. The Czech price is very attractive with regard to the parameters of the device. Even after deducting domestic VAT, the phone could cost around 21,000 crowns.

Today, ZTE is outside the Asian markets with the edges of the emblem, although two belonged to those in t. There is a local online store in Europe, which also serves customers in the Czech Republic. In addition to the ZTE model, the company also produces phones under the Nubia brand and so on hern monsters Red Magic.

In the last two years, ZTE was written about mainly due to the company’s efforts to create a functional sub-display camera. This is the dream of all companies, with which it would be possible to eliminate the ties and rings of the front camera, which are disturbing especially when watching a movie or playing games across the entire screen.

The first attempt took place at the end of summer 2020, when ZTE introduced the model Axon 20 5G, which was the first phone in the world front camera hidden under the display. It was a failure. There was a place on the display where the camera was located, clearly visible, and the camera itself produced images of poor quality..

ZTE did not give up and a year later showed the model Axon 30there was a result of lep, but he didn’t finish it either. It is necessary to add that last year, with the focus under the display, Samsung also saw the Z Fold 3 model, and even in its case it is not a sight. The coincidence is that with regard to the concept of the device, the self can be photographed differently and the sub-display is not even.

This ZTE experiment with a sub-display camera is called the Axon 40 Ultra. The premiere took place in VN, where the manufacturer launched it in advance. In Europe, the phone will be unveiled in May and pre-sale will begin on June 8. We do not know the price yet, nsk is 4,999 RMB, which is about 17,500 crowns, after VAT about 21,000 crowns.

From the first videos, it seems that the minimal presence of a camera under the display this time cannot be revealed. How it will be with the quality of photography, we do not mind. In any case, we must appreciate the company’s effort not to give up after the first rush and try it for a long time.

Axon 40 Ultra is a spades equipped phone. The display has FHD + resolution at 6.8 inches. The panel is of the OLED type, is curved sideways and the maximum refresh rate is 120 Hz. The performance is currently provided by the best-performing IP on the market.

The assembly of the camera is very interesting, which indicates the photomodule on the walls of the device. The set contains three images, all with a resolution of 64 Mpix. Mainly excellent brightness f / 1.6. This and irokohl snma is IMX787 from Sony. This is a periscope telephoto lens with a maximum of 5.7x optical zoom. And beware, all scans have optical stabilization. Paprov is a set of dreams, let’s see what the practice teaches. Let’s add that the front view under the display has a resolution of 16 Mpix.

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra has great equipment and if the focus under the display will work, it could be a very interesting purchase. First of all, if the price of 21,000 korunch is to be struck in Europe.