Dnipro is a place where I’ve lived half my life in the dark, a place that gave me a family and where my husband is now. The nearest airport is about a hundred kilometers from the city. A few times a day there is a sulfur and a few times a year of rocket flight. But the main factory cities work.

Dnipro also became a hub for refugees from Mariupol and nearby cities, according to the magistrate, the number of refugees in the city is about 250 thousand. This, of course, is a well-known network, but volunteer organizations also provide great help.

All hotels and hostels provide free housing, the people in the city help with things and food, according to the current program, refugees receive, in Ukraine they receive internally displaced persons, a cash subsidy as a contribution to help from volunteers.

The most difficult situation was roughly before the city, where the supply center collapsed, several weeks were not needed in the dark.

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