What signs of the zodiac are unlikely to ever get along in peace and harmony

Zodiac signs that hate each other

Zodiac signs that hate each other / Photo: Collage: Today

We have previously talked about compatibility of different zodiac signs between themselves. Such combinations in love and marriage
allow many couples to find harmony and find their happiness.

But there is also another side of the coin. What signs for nothing don’t get along with each other
because they are able to experience only the most negative feelings for one another? Who shouldn’t even try to mend a relationship?

Astrologers have named couples who are simply hate each other
. Check our horoscope with whom you or your acquaintances have such incompatibility and rejection, different temperaments, disparate tastes and diametrically opposed ideas about the main values ​​in life. Is it really?

Aries and Taurus

Bright, active, enterprising Aries is not able to sit idle for a long time themselves and hates when his partner does it. Woe to him if it is a Taurus. Reasonable, thorough and slow Taurus often provokes a quick-tempered and unbearable Aries into constant conflicts. So the wording did not get along
“is one of the common reasons for their breakup.

Leo and Virgo

The majestic Leo is used to accepting enthusiastic signs of attention from others, and considers living together with himself as a reward and great honor for your partner
. And he is in complete bewilderment – how could it be otherwise? But for the closed, vulnerable and self-critical Virgo, every meeting with Leo is seen as a painful way out of the comfort zone.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Cancer only outwardly seems rude and brutal. In fact, a vulnerable and sensitive nature is hiding under this shield. Cancer is easy become attached to a partner and take the role of a spouse seriously
. But the witty and sociable Sagittarius is the complete opposite of Cancer. He highly appreciates freedom in love and creativity and is not going to deviate from his principles.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra is looking for balance, harmony, balance between their needs and capabilities, bit by bit creating a comfortable environment around you
. But the insidious, wayward and restless Scorpio, breaking into the balanced world of Libra, is easily able to destroy it into bricks in the name of passion and justice. Libra can only run.

Aquarius and Gemini

Light, airy, infinitely sociable Gemini is just cannot live without constant contact and interaction
with a variety of people. But Aquarius prefers to stay in a calm, secluded and isolated environment. That is why Aquarians do not understand Gemini’s impulses, considering them unreliable and windy, which does not suit Gemini at all.

Capricorn and Pisces

The pragmatic Capricorn looks for a rationale in everything and does not tolerate empty talk. But dreamy Pisces have their own special look at everything that happens around, including a partner. These signs seem live on different planets
and therefore it is extremely difficult for them to accept their opponents and build trusting relationships – they simply do not understand each other.

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