Ji Maruk (left) and Tom Valek at the press conference of hockey Zlno
| photo: Zdenk Nmec / MAFRA / Profimedia

The change was approved by the general meeting on Monday, at which the current manager Jan ttk was dismissed on the proposal of the Žilina magistrate and Valek became the new manager. He was voted for by the first association and the title sponsor, the PSG construction company, which together own 51 percent of the shares.

According to the mayor Jiho Korec, the city’s representatives lost their minds at the polls. The town hall promoted another candidate for two, but was unsuccessful. The remaining co-owners chose the executive.

We had an initial idea about the descent of a consortium of companies, which declared that they wanted to buy from the city his part in the club, said Valek. For some reasons, it was not possible to do it. That’s why I was elected, which I take as a doasn een, he added. The change of company in ele with PSG is currently waiting for the price according to the city in the hockey club, which the city offered to buy. However, the Magistrate does not have an opinion available.

By the beginning of the season, we can fully elect a new general manager, noted Valek.

Last month, the city councilors decided to keep the financial support in the same way as in the case of the club in the extra league. In 16 million crowns per calendar year, he gave millions to the operation of the stadium and youth. This year, Zln was relegated from the highest league after 42 years and will only play in the first league.