Jablonec sent Davis Ikaunieks into the lead in the 37th minute, and Vclav Prochzka leveled the skin for the house. Zln did not beat the team in a row at home in the Jablonec league and did not win the overall team in the 17th mutual duel in AD.


We followed Utkn minute by minute

It was mentally nron utkn, we never want to play like that. We didn’t play a good duel at all, except that we made a save, said guest coach Ji Vgner at the press conference.

The belt began in a cautious spirit. In the 14th minute, evci penetrated for whether the Jablonec defense, but Fillv gl could not be recognized for a clear offside. After a long pass from Fill, Vukadin got into the first big game after a long pass, but he finished close. The dark darkness confirmed its ground and game towers, the pesto went to the cabins with lost.

At first he threatened ernk after the break, however, this warning was managed to destroy the Zlín defense, and after the center on the left side, the Latvian tonk Ikaunieks came to me on the border of a small embankment and opened the score. It was perhaps the only guest in Brno, we carried this, said Jan Jelnek from Zlín, who is listed as an assistant due to a missing license.

Jablonec gained peace for a while and with it he also gave the lead. Only the city drank evenly, when in the 49th minute Prochzka hit the 25-meter throw from the volley into the upper river. It was one of the most beautiful goals in the curry, scoring the eight-year-old Defender, who scored the second goal in the season of the highest competition and the nineteenth overall in the curry league.

Skre could have changed two minutes later, but Vukadinovie had lost his goal to kicking Hana, saving the hope of his darkness at the point. Jablonec broke out of the Seven seven, re-strengthened his defenses and with this tactic he also stood out in the remaining course, which he did not offer the same day.

Trenr Vgner did not lose to Jablonec in the fourth match, where he added a second draw to two teams and thus fulfilled his rescue mission. We were up to the end, mm from the performance of shifts feelings, added the successor Petr Rada.