The Bohemians celebrate gl against Zlna in the Fortuna League match.
| photo: TK

Badly after the debacle, there is no definitive guarantee of protection, the guests have moved from the penultimate to the third place. Lose two points in the first non-bar position.


We followed Utkn minute by minute.

They won the league after a long eleven laps and seven attempts for the first time under coach Jaroslav Vesel.

Hronek could open the closet in a second minute, but he did not overcome Rakovan up close. On the other hand, he sailed above the anthurivili. Praan was rewarded for the effort in the 12th minute, when after a corner kick from the border of Hronek and he sent the guests to the lead with a hard blow.

Zln could not assert himself against the pressures and active pressing of the soup and, after inconsistencies in his own defensive, collected the second time. After a corner kick, he cleared Chramosta to the corner in the 21st minute and scored the first gl in the spring season.

Zmar domcch closed the situation in the 27th minute. During the kick-off towards the goal of the houses, Vratila, a defender, came down so hard that he crossed his own goalie Rakovan and ended up in the squad. Dram dreamed in those minutes, but the house was collected again in a moment. Thanks to Conde’s bad warm-up, Kvt. The Bohemians gave three goals for the first half in the league for the first time since the 5: 2 championship in Pilsen in April 2018.

In the second half, Praan’s honest defensive was the priority. He tried to dream, but he missed the final punch and the idea. Janetzk gradually got into the anc, and in a series of consecutive Reiter and Cedidla, they did not beat a certain Valee bag.

Bohemians have confirmed that they are against Zlnu. In the highest competitions with nm, they scored eight times in a row and did not lose the last nine times on the second soup. This season, Praan have won in all those great duels.