Entrepreneur Pavel Vhala and his business partner worked with the idea of ​​a few minutes of adrenaline driving more than six meters above the ground. It would be built at the castle, which can be found in the industrial area in nearby Lipnek, where on several hectares it fills an authentic historic castle with examples of contemporary life.

We will offer a symbizy from which the castle and the village of Tn nad Bevou can be called. In addition to the creation of jobs, there is room for business. It’s a baldness for everyone, mn Vhala.

He runs a village with eight hundred inhabitants, the castle stands on its cadastre, but his foundation from the attraction called zipline did not live.

An architecturally interesting reconstruction of the dilapidated thumb of the castle has taken place, and because a lot of people will pass through here, dream of trying to make a living. We do not bother with the idea of ​​riding a rope, and we are not the only ones, Mayor Antonn Rynek concluded.

In addition, the route would lead through the built-up area of ​​the village. Although much more, but from the point of view of privacy, security and comfort, we absolutely cannot imagine it, he added.

Such an attraction is just a point

The village council agreed that the disagreement with the local cable cars or with the necessary fifty meter wide corridor. He therefore does not want to change what the investor would need for the upper station of the cable car.

According to the mayor, Disneyland would begin to emerge from the ruins of the castle from the end of the 13th century.

They all probably notice how Doln Morava ended up. The old people die out, the people flee from there, it’s a crowded tourist area. In this case, we do not want to allow anything like this to happen here. The hunter who comes here goes after a cultural experience, he described his point of view.

The castle has been a Old Comenius Museum in Perov since 1960. The director, Radim Himmler, considers it incorrect that neither the investor nor the town in Lipnek nad Bevou turned to the museum, where he is now working on a change of land full, including a change of the defined dog.

According to him, the organization and the protected protective dog of the cultural monument are clearly identified. Himmler himself called the rope slide project itself a parasitic and exotic and phantasmagoric activity.

Helftn does not need such a development, it is the second most sought-after monument in the region, with a population of over one hundred thousand people. The strategy is to present it in terms of museum content, not through outdoor attractions, but in a cultural and cultivated form, which, perhaps due to the response of the public and renowned juries of museum and architectural competitions, said.

The investor offers help and pensions to the municipal treasury

The representatives of the Olomouc region, to which the castle belongs, are also skeptical about the attack.

The project was not discussed with them, we also do not know the exact parameters. On a general level, however, I can read that such an attraction in the immediate vicinity of the castle is a positive decision. I believe that Helftn has something to offer, said the Regional Councilor for Culture and Memorial Jan Rek.

The authors of the idea are going to give a presentation in Tna, so they want to meet with all the institutions involved.

So far, we have taken only the first steps, we definitely do not want to go around anyone and we are ready to find a common utility for the municipality, city and region. Of course, we will offer the village help with peace and land for the visitors, so we talked about the contribution, for example, a million crowns, Vhala set out.

When someone wants to invest here, armor for them

The boarding station is about five meters high and, if made of stone or wood, would not be noticeable, according to the investor. And a few centimeters of thick steel rope will not be visible from the length, assure the propaganda project.

In addition, Zipline will be outside the castle’s protective font. The operation itself has strict safety rules, for example, visitors can not have anything that could fall down. The noise from the age will be negligible, moreover, the hunter on the rope would pass only a few seconds over several private plots, Vhal said.

A cable car is essential for the creation of a town with cradles, rhythmic castles, crafts and other attractions, including a park, hostel and restaurant. It should be the main attraction of the free park and therefore arise first.

In Lipnek, see the castle grounds and the entrance station of the cable car have no problem.

When someone wants to invest in our pension, there is no reason to arm it, so we have included it in the land. In addition, the short-term workforce lasted, commented on the importance of the city’s mayor Ondej Vlek.

As for the cable car, it is like the first, unlike Tna, a memory, or energy engineer. However, I understand that they may have a problem with this, he added.