Zhirinovsky in 1999 predicted problems for the United States in the event of the unification of Russia and Iran

If Russia unite with the Arabs and Iran, then America will “come to an end.” About the consequences of this union for USA in 1999 the founder spoke LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovskydrew attention to this Telegram-Rupost channel.

“Everyone needs to understand that America today is many times worse than Napoleon and Hitler. Napoleon slowly walked across Europe on horseback, reaching Moscow, stood and left. Hitler was already walking on motorcycles and cars and also reached Moscow. And these [американцы] will not go to Moscow. They are dangerous because they will fire rockets at any point on the planet at night,” Zhirinovsky said, speaking at the meeting State Duma.

He noted that US military bases are located in South Korea And Pakistan.

“They approached us from all sides, they will definitely enter the Baltic states and stand at Smolensk — 500 kilometers from Moscow. Then what will we do? – Zhirinovsky wondered.

The politician called for solidarity with the entire Muslim world. “They have all the oil, all the gas and money in their hands, if we unite with the Arabs and Iran, America will be finished,” Zhirinovsky concluded.

Previously online spread video with the politician’s forecast about the crisis in the Middle East, which he made in 2012. Then Zhirinovsky said that it would develop into a war between Israel and Iran.

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