Zhenya Lubich's White Concert
Photos from the official meeting of the concert

On January 5, the traditional concert of the “Russian Frenchwoman” took place at the Aurora Concert Hall. About the event – in our report.

Like the heroes of The Irony of Fate, the St. Petersburg singer Zhenya Lyubich also has a New Year’s tradition: every year in early January, on the eve of Christmas, she holds a White Concert. Light, snowy, magical and always in a special way, creating the feeling of a cozy family evening. Moreover, Zhenya knows how to create this atmosphere on any site, from intimate to large-scale, involving decorators, videographers, designers and even snow in the process. Artificial, of course.

However, the main character of the “White Concert” is undoubtedly the songs.

The repertoire of the “Russian Frenchwoman” contains a whole collection of songs on a winter theme: “Far away”, “Blizzard”, “New Year’s Song”, “White Snow”, “And Snow Falls”, Le blanc danse, Winter, “A tired old year ended the way “,” Below zero “,” First snow “, Under the Christmas tree. Almost all of them were included in the White Concert set-list at Aurora. Some of the tracks were played under the snow falling directly into the hall, which especially delighted the children present at the concert.

Songs based on poems from poets from the album “In All the Voice” have very organically fit into the snow-white palette of Zhenya’s winter songs. From the playful, tavern-like mischievous composition “Aleksandr Hertsovich lived” (poems by O. Mandelstam) to the lyrical, almost intimate story about the birth of Jesus Christ “It doesn’t matter what was around, it doesn’t matter …” (lyrics by I. Brodsky). They were also joined by Robert Burns (My heart in the Highlands). By her own admission, Zhenya wrote the music for his poem at a rather young age.

And, of course, it is difficult to imagine a concert by Zhenya Lubich without everyone’s favorite hits Russian girl, “Galaxy” and “Lullaby of Silence” from the movie “He is the Dragon”. The audience took an active part in the last song, using smartphone flashes to create the effect of a starry sky.

The theme of Christmas and birth in general is especially close to Zhenya Lubich. First, on January 6, the singer celebrates her angel’s day. Secondly, she recently became a mother twice, having given birth to a son, Alexander. According to Zhenya, the son was also present at the concert, only, due to his young age, behind the scenes. The singer’s three-year-old daughter, Anna, was in the hall with her grandmother. After singing the song “White Snow”, Anya took the stage and gave her mother a bouquet of flowers, which caused stormy applause.

For an encore, Zhenya Lubich performed several songs from the non-winter repertoire, among which was the second lullaby from the film “He is a Dragon” (“In White Clouds”). But even this “White Concert” has not ended yet. The final point of the evening was set only after an autograph session with the audience and the promise of new meetings. Now in the spring.

Polina Zhorova specially for Musecube