The military expert said that our country is obliged to do

Oleg Zhdanov said that Ukraine should at least violate the roadway and bomb the railway on the Crimean bridge.

Oleg Zhdanov said that Ukraine should at least violate the roadway and bomb the railway on the Crimean bridge. / Photo: Ukrinform, Collage: Today

Not so long ago, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko said that the Crimean bridge is the number one goal for the Ukrainian military. Among other things, he noted that this is the “main gut” of pulling up Russia’s reserves, so as soon as it is cut off, a real panic will begin in the Russian Federation.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov and Russian lawyer Mark Feigin discussed this topic on the air “Feygin LIVE”.

“Carthage must be destroyed”

Among other things, Mark Feigin said that the destruction of the Crimean bridge would not be just a symbolic act of destruction of what Moscow created after the occupation of Crimea in 2014, but a very heavy blow. In his opinion, if the bridge is destroyed, it will be perceived as a rollback “somewhere far, far back.”

“So what is it all about?” – this thought should somehow “sit down” in the heads of the townsfolk – they, of course, are dumb in the Russian Federation, but the moral wound will be huge. But it is also an artery that allows you to supply the necessary weapons, replenish resources, etc.,” the lawyer said.

In turn, Oleg Zhdanov noted that Ukraine is obliged to disable the bridge:

“I would say this:“ Carthage must be destroyed, ”because the whole country insists that the bridge needs to be destroyed. I think that perhaps we do not have the strength and means to destroy it, but to bring it out out of order as a bridge – that is, to violate the roadway and bomb the railway – we simply have to.”

In addition, he stated that today “to blow up Chongar, perhaps, from a military point of view, does not make sense”:

“Why? We are going to liberate Crimea – including the option of liberating Crimea by military means. I was told that in the Dzhankoy region it is possible – the same thing, we will need to move across the Crimea. But the Crimean bridge is precisely the supply artery. And the saturation of the Crimea itself with troops depends on the work of the Crimean bridge. The fact is that today there is no direct railway – for example, from Berdyansk and Mariupol to Rostov – does not exist. They need to take a detour.”

Earlier, the Segodnya website wrote that Ukrainian intelligence received detailed technical documentation Crimean bridge. In the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, they declare the “guaranteed” safety of the bridge.

Also Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov is getting nervous again. This time the cause of his panic attack was the Crimean bridge. He is probably nervous because of the “pops” that have recently been distributed on the territory of Russia.