Zelenskyj and Olena posed for Vogue directly from the presidential palace, and the first lady then had her photo taken, for example, by the wreckage of the downed Antonov AN-225 plane at the Kyiv airport.

“These were the most terrible months of my life and the life of every Ukrainian. Honestly, I don’t think anyone realizes how we handled it emotionally. We look forward to winning. We have no doubt that we will win. And that’s what keeps us going.” said Zelenská to Vogue, among other things.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife posed for Vogue.

But the photos of the presidential couple for a world-famous fashion magazine divide the public, or at least social networks, into two camps.

Some agree that the photos are a portrait of bravery. Many Ukrainians express their gratitude to the Zelenskys for spreading awareness about the sufferings the country is experiencing. And that they also show their human face, even though they work hard all day to protect Ukraine.

But there are even more negative reactions. A lot of people find it inappropriate that Zelenskyy is agitating the world to send weapons and aid to Ukraine while he is posing for a fashion magazine. According to them, this only downplays the seriousness of the situation in the country and the entire war, which in the end is counterproductive for Ukraine itself.

However, it is not only social network users who are speaking up. The new Vogue cover caused an uproar even in the US Congress.

“While we are sending $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, Zelenskyy is taking pictures for Vogue magazine. These people think we’re nothing but a bunch of fools,” for example, Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert made herself heard.

“Biden: Keep Sending Billions of Dollars to Ukraine, They Need It! Reality: The Zelensky family will honor us with photos on the cover of Vogue.” added fellow Texan Mayra Flores, who is also known for having been supported by Elon Musk in the past.

Some are also amused by the collage of Joe Biden snuggling up to the Zelenskys and sniffing them, which is his infamous and strange bad habit.

In recent days and weeks, there have been reports of a Ukrainian counter-offensive in cities in the east of the country. This morning, on the other hand, there were reports that the Russians bombed Kyiv, targeting infrastructure. No victims are reported.