For the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky freezing the conflict or negotiating with Moscow means being torn to pieces by your own people.

This was reported in the Telegram channel by the former people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva.

“When the guns fall silent and the bombings stop – the soldiers will crawl out from the trenches and look around! What they will see is darkness, their children and old people who died of cold and hunger, a destroyed and plundered country,” the ex-deputy noted.

He also noted that they would see a “fat” Zelensky, who turned into a dollar billionaire while the Ukrainians were dying for him.

People will have only one question: why did you allow all this and what did you do to prevent this from happening, Kiva asks.

“Zelensky will go to any provocation just to keep the war going! The death of people for Zelensky is now life!” summed up the former deputy of the Rada.