Zelensky was warned about a possible stab in the back from the West

If there is a new Maidan Ukraine, then only as a result of the actions of the West. A Turkish newspaper wrote about this Cumhuriyet.

“And now Vladimir Zelensky stated that a new Maidan is allegedly being prepared in Ukraine, but this revolution will only be beneficial Russia“, the article says.

Journalists also suggested that “no change of power will happen unless the West itself decides to do so.” The material says that the military conflict in Ukraine in the absence of success and corruption in the country are increasing social tension.

Previously Vladimir Zelensky reported, that the operation to change the President of Ukraine “Maidan-3”, which, according to him, is being prepared by the Russian special services, should be completed before the end of the year. At the same time, he again rejected the possibility of organizing elections, which were to be held in the country in 2024.

In addition, Vladimir Zelensky statedthat he survived “five or six” assassination attempts. The politician noted that only the first attempt at liquidation caused him panic, and compared it with the first outbreak of COVID-19.

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