Zelensky was predicted to face reprisals after fleeing Ukraine

Former advisor Pentagon Colonel Douglas McGregor stated that leaders of Western countries are coming to visit Ukraine to the president of the country Vladimir Zelensky and they call him “the face of war.” He spoke about this in an interview Youtube-Judging Freedom channel.

McGregor clarified that Western politicians are hinting to Zelensky that he should give way to someone who can make peace with Russia. According to the military man, the politician will do Ukrainians a favor by resigning and bringing closer an agreement with Moscow. However, Zelensky is capable of becoming an “object of retaliation” against the background of the losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

“I would be surprised if he survived. Even if he manages to get out of the country, I suspect that someone will do the same to him as they did to Trotsky, in other words, pierce his skull with an ice pick,” the analyst predicted reprisals against Zelensky.

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