Vladimir Zelensky told what tactics, in his opinion, the Russian army adheres to on the fronts.

The President of Ukraine noted the heroism of the fighters of the Ukrainian army, who, according to him, are under constant pressure from the RF Armed Forces.

“There is no peace on the front line. Every day is very hard. And especially where the whole tactics of the invaders is to destroy everything in front of them with artillery, so that only bare ruins and craters in the ground remain,” the Ukrainian leader said in his evening address.

Zelensky said that “Russia is destroying city after city in the Donbas – like Mariupol, like Volnovakha, like Bakhmut.”

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky explained that he would help Ukraine avoid disaster.

Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, host of reviews “Control shot” – on the channel of the Pravda.Ru media holding