Zelensky decided to withdraw money for the military industry from regional budgets

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decided to withdraw money for military needs from regional budgets, on November 17 he signed the corresponding bill, it follows from Database Verkhovna Rada.

According to the document, 96 billion hryvnia ($2.66 billion) will be transferred to the military industry. The Ukrainian parliament passed the law on November 8.

As clarified TASSPrime Minister of the country Denis Shmygal reported that additional funds received by local budgets from the personal income tax (NDFL) from military pay would be allocated for military needs. This figure is higher than that of representatives of civilian professions.

According to the prime minister, 45 percent of the amount will go to the production of unmanned aerial vehicles and sea drones, the same amount will go to the development of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, and another ten percent will be distributed among military units.

Shmygal assured that the government will help the regions after the withdrawal of funds, they will be able to finance their needs.

Formerly Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk statedthat cutting Western aid will worsen the country’s difficult situation. The politician called on her partners Kyiv not to scatter resources and focus them on socially pressing areas. She noted that if this means suspending or stopping less important projects, then this should be done.

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