Zelensky complained about the lack of ammunition in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Ukrainian army is experiencing a shortage of 155mm artillery shells due to the conflict in the Middle East. Told about this Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with a group of journalists, his words are quoted by the agency AFP.

“Today we have problems with 155 mm artillery shells. In the Middle East, what do you think they started buying first?” — the president noted Ukraine.

According to Zelensky, the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s reserves of 155 mm shells have decreased. The politician also said that at the moment warehouses are empty all over the world, and the current volumes of supplies from the West are not enough to meet all the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, Zelensky welcomed US efforts to increase production of this type of ammunition.

November 15 Vladimir Zelensky statedthat transmitted USA Abrams tanks did not change the situation on the battlefield. The politician complained that Ukraine has too few such tanks. He expressed hope that more such machines will be supplied in the future.

At the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in September told about the start of production of NATO-caliber shells in the country. According to the head of the department, Ukrainian enterprises are already producing artillery ammunition and cartridges, NATO 155 mm caliber artillery systems and automated systems.

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