Wenceslas, that’s a damn thing. You, even if you have it in your hand, disappear. Wenceslas, this is Broadway for the poor. And wherever he wants, there he is with his destiny. I’m not, Iveta Bartoov sang in 1992 about the infamous city center of Prague.

Even after 30 years, not much has changed. Zdenk Hibwho always sees a glass full, even if it is empty, but is in the dark. And Vclavk sees it as a depository that the world can see.

Prague is worth it, but Zdenk Hib is interested in how the visualization of nmst with the new mortise can be seen.

I was looking at how to get a new lpm at Vclavskm nmst. Call here two full new trees! Krishna is green, it’s beautiful, The mayor melts, which clings to one tree and looks as if he may have drunk a pedestrian hill in the nearby holrn for tourists.

Thanks to the teak from the retention ndrs, it should be so vydret. And the surrounding new paving of the city. Konen does look like the world! closed his love window Hib.

At that account, the people told him that it would be nice to come here even at dusk and at night, when there is something that does not decorate you twice.

Iveta Bartoov sang about Krc Vclavka.

At Wenceslas Square, the disgrace of Prague, you can not only lpm, but smakm, dealers, brothels and other consent. I hope so, too. But you know from that, you can also take pictures with trees, did not make the mayor one of the discussions under the Facebook snapshot with the lp.

Zdenk Hib left his bird unanswered. Neither he nor his army assistant and adviser will react to it when it gets into the feed.