This system combines extreme mechanical resistance with electronic access management, but does not require a power supply to operate. The management of accesses and key settings takes place remotely via a mobile application, which the company has already developed – as well as the entire system – in cooperation with the Brno University of Technology.

“The ePRO system is thus an ideal solution not only for strategic facilities, such as offices, hospitals or military buildings, but also field and remote facilities or fleets of logistics companies. It will be used wherever it is not possible to carry out building modifications or where there is no easily available source of electricity, “described Martin Dočekal, product manager of mechatronic systems Tokoz.

In this case, the energy carrier is the key itself, which also contains information on access rights. Whereas in the past, due to these rights, it was necessary to bypass all the doors with the so-called programming key, the new system only needs the mentioned mobile application.

Through it, the information in the key is regularly updated, while the data is only transferred from the server and is not stored anywhere. This eliminates the risk of their escape and misuse by hackers; at the same time, battery life is saved.

Durability was tested by tests and a million locks

The system’s durability has been tested in a number of tests, testing more than a million locking cycles on various inserts and keys.

“We subjected the application itself to a successful stress test that simulated the activity of hundreds of users. It is secured by some security elements used, for example, in electronic banking, “said Vojtěch Myška, the creator of the ePRO mobile application from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology.

For example, the system automatically logs off users when they are idle, and it also introduces protection against certain types of cyber attacks.

The new version does not lose any of its mechanical resistance, which Tokoz bases on. Security cannot be overcome by silent thieving methods, such as flipping through planchets or so-called bumping, where a thief uses a special key to open a cylinder without leaving any signs of damage.

The system is already used by the Brno City Hall, for example

In addition, the system can be connected to other types of locks that use a cylindrical insert or a half-insert of the PRO series.

“It is not limited to cylindrical inserts in the entrance door, but also offers connections with padlocks, bolts, special Vanlock locks designed to secure vans and trucks and other locking systems. This solution is significantly cheaper than buying smart mortise locks, “said Dočekal.

Since the introduction of ePRO, Tokoz has already implemented several projects using this innovation. The security is used, for example, by the City of Brno or the Support and Guarantee Fund for Agriculture and Forestry, as well as leading manufacturers of pallets and carpets.

Tokozu manages to export the Czech invention to other European countries as well. The greatest interest is from the United Kingdom and the company also has positive responses from Portugal, Germany and Hungary. As the system is not bothered by elevated temperatures, humidity or sand and dust, Tokoz also addresses demand and interest in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Tokoz Zdar nad Sazavou

  • The company was founded in 1920 by the Prague ironmaker Jaroslav Rousek. In Žďár he produced padlocks and furniture locks, flues and other metal goods. When the company was taken over by his nephew Josef Rousek ten years later, the production of fishing tackle increased.
  • After the communist nationalization, the name was changed to Tokoz (Metal Goods Factory). Vladimír Chládek has been the director since 1992, and six years later he privatized the company with another partner. It is a family business with Czech capital.
  • In addition to padlocks, the company focuses on fittings and lock inserts for households and industrial companies. The production also includes industrial parts to order and to the automotive industry.
  • The mechanical and mechatronic locking insert TOKOZ PRO works on the principle of lamella tumblers and is protected by international patents. Thanks to the missing spring parts, which are found in common cylindrical inserts, the lock is extremely resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
  • Tokoz is working on further development and shifting of mechatronics and, in addition to technological development, plans to focus on specialized and atypical locking systems in the future.