Zaporozhye reacted to Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate with Russia

Refusal Vladimir Zelensky from negotiations with Russia can be called a sophisticated form of suicide. This is how the chairman of the Zaporozhye movement “We are together with Russia” reacted. Vladimir Rogov in the comments RIA News.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian president has become USA and Europe “an example of uncontrollable chaos.” “Zelensky understands that the collective West is turning him into a scapegoat for all its miscalculations in the confrontation with Russia,” he noted.

Rogov added that the negotiation process is possible, but only on the terms Moscow and through the implementation of special operation tasks.

Previously Zelensky rejected the idea of ​​negotiations with Russia despite the difficult situation of the Armed Forces Ukraine. The Ukrainian leader added that Moscow does not strive to end the conflict, so it will not be possible to talk about concluding peace at any cost.

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