December 12, 2022, 22:40 – Public News Service – OSN

In the special operation zone Ukraine in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces there are dogs that assist in the disposal of explosive devices. This information was shared by the general director of the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue, as well as the People’s Artist Russian Federation Edgard Zapashny.

“If our animals are at the front and work, then only to save people. These are service dogs, sapper dogs that help find explosives. They are everywhere next to a person, ”he said during a conversation with URA.RU.

Zapashny clarified that dogs during a special military operation are not used in the role of “anti-tank”, as was the case during the Great Patriotic War, when an explosive charge was attached to a trained animal

In addition, the trainer stressed that the RF Armed Forces also save animals. The interlocutor of the agency cited the rescue of zoos in Mariupol and Donetsk as an example.

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