On May 9, the weather, unfortunately, adjusted the plans for celebrating the Victory Day in Zakharov. A solemn rally dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism was held in the hall of the Central House of Culture.

Zakharovtsy was congratulated by Ildus Abdyushev, head of the district administration, Marina Naumova, representative of the Government of the Ryazan region, Yuri Kosichkin, military commissar, Vyacheslav Kabanov, head of the Zakharovsky district, chairman of the district Duma, Valentina Konstantinova, chairman of the district council of veterans.

On behalf of grateful descendants spoke Nikolai Goryainov11th grade student:

“May 9 is a special date for our country. The most piercing and the most touching. History cannot be rewritten, it must be remembered and proud of the heroic deeds of our saviors. Our great-grandfathers won this terrible war, survived four years of grief and deprivation, and then restored, not sparing themselves, the destroyed cities and villages. We thank you, our dear winners, for the world we live in!”

After the solemn rally, a column of Zakharovites with portraits of their soldiers-liberators moved to the monument to the fallen in the old cemetery to lay flowers and wreaths.

“We came to Zakharovo from Ryazan, here we celebrate this great day for all of us,” says Marina Vlasenko. – Lera’s daughter has a portrait of her great-grandfather Sergei Ivanovich Evsikov. We know that he was born in 1907 in the village of Prosechye, Novoderevensky district, Ryazan region. Having married, he went to live in the neighboring village of Burminka. There he worked as the chairman of the collective farm. Under him, the collective farm prospered, the leadership of the district respected him very much. When the war began, he was not immediately called up. In May 1942, he went to the Southern Front in the Red Guard Regiment. Sergei Ivanovich went missing in July 1942. As a resident of Prosechye, with whom they served together, said, presumably he died during the crossing of the river. Then a lot of our soldiers died there. Eternal memory to them!

Near the Central House of Culture there is a field kitchen and shopping malls. After the solemn part of the celebration, the Zakharovites returned to the auditorium for the concert. They will taste soldier’s porridge, and a festive fireworks display is planned in the evening.