December 15, 2022, 13:25 – Public News Service – OSN

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Maria Zakharova on Thursday, December 15, during a briefing, suggested the preparation Poland to the incorporation of a part Ukraine.

The diplomat noted that since the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, “Poland has become even more immersed in Ukrainian affairs.”

“There is reason to believe that Warsaw has switched to tactics and preparations for the incorporation of Western Ukrainian lands into the Polish state,” Zakharova said.

Recall that on February 24, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in his address to the citizens of the Russian Federation, announced the start of a military special operation in the Donbass. He stressed that Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Kyiv, but it will strive with all its might to demilitarize Ukraine.

Earlier, Crimean political scientist Volodymyr Jaralla announced Poland’s legislative preparations for the occupation of Ukraine. As an example, Jaralla cited a bill on the special legal status of the Poles, which violates the constitution of Ukraine in several articles. Read more about this in material Public news service.