On May 12, First Deputy Chairman of the People’s Assembly Yuri Levitsky took part in a round table meeting on the topic: “Subjects of the Russian Federation on the timeliness of the development of a comprehensive Federal program of medical care and drug provision for patients with rare diseases” “Rare 2020-2030”.

The meeting was also attended by members of the Expert Council, deputies of the People’s Assembly, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, the Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, chief freelance specialists, doctors, and representatives of public organizations.

Levitsky noted that in recent years, rare (orphan) diseases have become the subject of comprehensive and close attention not only of physicians, but also of state authorities. Without a doubt, our event is aimed primarily at improving the organization of medical care and drug provision for patients suffering from orphan diseases, and the exchange of best lawmaking practices. “I am sure that this round table will attract the attention of the general medical community, and its results will be reflected in recommendations to public authorities. The resolution that will be developed as a result of it will allow taking effective measures to improve medical care for patients with orphan diseases,” he stressed.

The participants of the event discussed the issues of improving the state policy in the field of orphan diseases in order to preserve the health and vitality of “rare patients”. And at the end of the meeting, a resolution will be developed, reflecting the questions and proposals raised during the discussion.