On May 8, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Assembly of Dagestan Yuri Levitsky and Deputy Prime Minister Ramazan Jafarov visited the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Magomed Kudaev.

They congratulated the veteran on the upcoming holiday on behalf of the Head of the Republic of Dagestan Sergey Melikov, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan Zaur Askenderov and Prime Minister Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov and wished him good health, prosperity and presented gifts.

Magomed Kudaev, a native of the village of Viltakh, Laksky District, was drafted into the army in 1942, participated in the battle near Moscow, and fought on the Don bridgehead. In one of the battles he was seriously wounded, which for a long time chained him to a hospital bed. After the hospital, Magomed Kudaev became a signalman, commanded a department. For the exemplary performance of command assignments in battles with the Nazi invaders and the valor and courage shown at the same time, he received many awards, including the Order of the Red Star and the Order of the Patriotic War, I and II degrees.

The front-line soldier shared his memories of the battle path. He expressed his gratitude for the attention shown and the kind words addressed to him.