Recently the famous American star Britney Spearshas been involved in several controversies about her state of health, since a few weeks ago she was seen by the paparazzi and people who were there, acting strangely in a restaurant in The Angels.

Several friends and people close to the artist have expressed their concern about the unreasonable behavior that the singer would be demonstrating in recent weeks, where they say that Britney speaks things without any sense and seems to be disoriented.

For this reason, her relatives have suspected that the singer has been abusing her medications that could be causing her these moments of confusion and mental imbalance. After all these reasons, her loved ones have decided to support and help her, so they decided to organize a interventionwhere it is worth mentioning that his father kevin federline and their children would not be involved.

According to close sources, her manager would have rented a residence where only Britney and her husband would have an income. sam asghari and the doctors who would help her overcome her alleged addiction to different types of drugs, it is rumored that the famous singer will live there for the next two months, until her general health improves.