“Sometimes yes sometimes no,” responded Gábor Borároswhen the site editor Super.cz she asked if Monica Jacobe’s fiancé had ever been unfaithful.I wasn’t looking for anyone, it was a coincidence then smiled the popular MMA wrestler, whom the breakup with the beautiful influencer obviously doesn’t bother at all.

Earlier, Expres reported that there were reports in the domestic MMA scene that Gábor was not exactly an exemplary partner and was supposed to have more mistresses.

The editorial staff of Expres.cz asked Gábor’s ex-fiancée Monika Jákli to comment. The above-mentioned conversation was obviously taken by surprise.

“I don’t want to power Express through the media and play a game that we will send messages to each other, but it hurts me. If Gábor wants to make such statements to the media and talk about our privacy, please, “ the beautiful Monika told us at the beginning, who was left completely alone to raise her daughter Zora.

Gábor Boráros and Monika Jákliová no longer form a couple.

“It’s sad that instead of talking to me, he’s talking to the media. Unfortunately, whenever he has any problems, he runs away. He sent away the man who was with him, good and bad. He’s famous now. But fame and family probably don’t go together with him. He chose a prostitute who is with him only for money and preferred her to the beautiful daughter I gave birth to. “ added Monika Jákliová.

“In two months, he will want me to take him back. What amused me most was that we were parents. I don’t know how he imagines it, but he’s not a parent. He’s never home, not even at night. ” said Monika, for whom the most important thing now is to be the best mom for her daughter.

The Slovak woman had previously written on Instagram that Gábor should have cheated on her when she gave birth in the hospital.