Stanislav Gross was diagnosed with ALS, a disease of the skin, but the muscles gradually weaken. The expremir tried to fight, of course in the face of the public.

It was a very similar period for a wife and a teenage daughter, but it can be seen that it is almost fashionable. Last month, all the TiGross girls sent their husband and father to heaven for their 52nd birthday to celebrate. They made mistakes.

Stanislav Gross with his family. Expremir died in 2015.

During Sunday’s Mother’s Day, however, she drank a moment to appreciate her mother, who both daughters erupted over the water in her moments. Denisa and Natlie prepared for her special days for Mother’s Day, which they shared on Instagram at the same time.

I don’t think I have to break it down here, but I want you to know that you’re unreal and you’re the best hunter under the sun, Natlka said to her mother.

rka Grossov with her daughter Natli

I every day thank God I have the best mom in the world. Thank you for not. I don’t even know for what you did for me and for what kind of hunter you raised from me! I love you, Denisa wrote.

After all, the girls are of legal age and give birth to their own career, still lasting a long time. The last of them told you photos from Verona, Italy, where they took a women’s ride.

Girls of Stanislav Gross

As you can see, Natlie and Denisa introduce their mother to the world of influencers, where they pay for their lives. Her profile is professional, no doubt help her girls.

Keep smiling. It is important to learn to smt again, tells a fan of one of Gross’s photos. Tch will soon have pt tisc.