That Shopaholic Adel wants to be famous is obvious to everyone from her work and appearance on the Internet. But not everyone remembers that he tried for fame eight years ago, when she signed up for SuperStar. She was nineteen, she was studying to be a confectioner, but she already said she didn’t want to do it.

She wanted to sing and be a celebrity. The singing competition, where she planned to sing Someone Like You by the namesake Adele, was supposed to help her with this. “That song is longer,” Ondřej Soukup told her then, when Adéla suddenly stopped singing.

“You are a phenomenon,” Adély commented on Palo Haber’s performance. He probably didn’t even expect what kind of phenomenon Adély would be on the Internet in a few years.

Finally, in Superstar, she became a member of the Star Infantry, that is, the worst singers. Her performance and, above all, her confident demeanor trended on TikTok last month. Now Adély is gone, her former followers are trying to keep #Augustbezshopaholicadel. But Adéla still hopes that it will break and she will continue to reign on social networks.