YG Entertainment, the agency in charge of the women’s group BLACKPINK and its member Jennie, will be taking legal action against the person who leaked the photos of the idol along with v, member of the popular Kpop group BTS. Given this scenario, it would finally be confirming that both artists were together in Paris, And if they were going out together.

With Jennie from Blackpink, and V from BTS, involved in numerous rumors of one love relationship, YG Entertainment will be taking legal action against those responsible for having leaked an intimate photo of the alleged couple while they shared in the city of Paris, capital of the Republic of France.

Today, a source from the sector of the kpop declared to tv report the next:

“It is our understanding that the investigation into the leak of Jennie and V’s photos is ongoing.”

YG Entertainment too solicitous before the police to proceed to investigate the original author of the leak of Jenni’s personal photos in September of last year, and the investigation It’s been nine months in the making and it’s still running.

“We have refrained from commenting and expressing our position in order to minimize further damage. However, the recent rumors, accusations, personal attacks, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy triggered by personal photos have become too much to ignore.”

Given this scenario, the fans of both groups are dismayed by all the information that has been disclosed at the moment, since Y.G. will sue for evasion of privacy, but not for defamation.

Given this, the expectation of that own company would be confirming that both artists are dating together. However, it is essential that their respective agencies issue a statement to confirm the facts.

Similarly, the security of Jenny and V It must still be strictly provided by both agencies, who perhaps at this time do not know very well what to do with regard to giving an answer about the alleged relationship that both idols have.