On May 9, the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War was honored in the Summer Park in Yermishy. Yermishintsy walked through the village with portraits of their ancestors who liberated the country from fascism, laid flowers at the monument to the Liberator Warrior.

The solemn rally was attended by representatives of local authorities, public organizations, residents of the village.

The rally was opened by the head of the administration of the Ermishinsky district, Yuri Vinogradov.

Head of the State Inspectorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects of the Ryazan Region Mikhail Dorofeev, Head of the Yermishinsky District Igor Karpukhin, Rector of the Archangelsk Church Priest Nikolai Antonov, Chairman of the Council of the District Branch of the “Combat Brotherhood” Sergey Kalinin, Chairman of the Regional Council of Veterans Tatyana Mikhalina congratulated the Yermishins on the holiday.

On the same day, a patriotic action “Let’s remember everyone by name” was held. The names of the Yermishins who did not return from the battlefield were heard. More than 8,000 people, including 400 women, left the region for the front. About 3,000 returned from the war. Today, only five veterans of the Great Patriotic War remain alive.

On the front clearing, the library staff designed book exhibitions, the “Wall of Memory” with photographs of participants in the Great Patriotic War, and placed local history material.

The action “Tree of Victory” was also held here. Everyone could decorate a symbolic tree with paper doves with congratulations on the holiday.

Workers of culture organized the action “Letter to posterity”. Galina Ulyakhina read poems about the war. Anastasia Gerasimova held a master class “Postcards of Victory”. The children presented their postcards with wishes for good and peace to those gathered in the park.

The songs of the war and post-war years were performed for the residents of Yermishin by cultural workers and amateur artists.