— And I knew that I would become the winner in your “wonderful” competition! Olga Pasko, who won the contest of readers’ letters “Share a miracle,” shocked us with such a confession.

The object that shocked the battered journalists was an ordinary electric iron, comfortably nestled … on Olga Vasilievna’s chest. Next to him hung a whole heap of all sorts of metal trifles such as tablespoons, manicure tweezers and tweezers, combs, forks, etc. , text. It is understandable, because just look at the photo. We appreciated – and we were hungry for details.

“With a whole bag of metal objects and an iron, I came to a photo studio on the street of the Novorossiysk Republic to document my suddenly discovered magnetism,” says Olga Vasilievna. — It was in 1992. And in 1991, Yeltsin, by his decree, deprived me of all the money, like other depositors of Sberbank, so I was simply shocked then.

In this very state, pensioner Olga Vasilyevna somehow lies on the sofa – and sees how on TV a woman attracts irons to herself. I tried it – and the iron sticks to it. Maybe it was stress that acted like that, or maybe she has attractive heredity (her father was energetic like a perpetual motion machine even at 85, but he didn’t experiment with irons: then they didn’t know anything about such a feature of the body). Immediately after the discovery of magnetism, Olga Vasilievna wanted to go to Moscow for psychic courses, but she did not collect the money, “thanks” to Yeltsin, so she still does not know the scientific explanation, she only wonders about the nature of the gift.

“Since then, for 12 years now, I have been checking from time to time to see if I am losing my magnetic abilities. It seems to me that with their weakening, old age will come. Until I lose, she says. “It means that at 72 I am still full of energy and able to spend it not only on such useless miracles that sometimes surprise my neighbors in the summer, but also on selfless help to other people.

Such an attitude helped in 1992 Olga Vasilievna to restore peace of mind. She worked on a voluntary basis in social security, distributed coupons for free milk to cancer patients, worked and still works in a city public organization of pensioners, and finally, she simply cannot pass by a hungry dog ​​- not only will she share her piece with her, but will try “for allowance” with set up a canteen. “Go to those who feel bad, work for them for free and wait for a white streak in life,” she learned from her own black streak and shares her experience with everyone.

By the way, the photo of Olga Pasko wearing a “necklace” made of metal objects attracted by her, which was published in “HP”, inspired some of our readers to study themselves. And what?

“I can also attract irons. If I hadn’t read the newspaper, I would have lived a century, but I wouldn’t have known this about myself, ”Vladilena Georgievna shared with us from Karamzin Street.

– Well, everything is clear with magnetism. But how did you know that you would be the winner of the editorial competition? I tried to find out from Olga Pasko.

“You may not believe it, but I can read thoughts from a distance,” she said dumbfounded. You can call it intuition or something else, but it’s true.

Maybe we should try?

“Novorossiysk worker”

Author Sergey Ivanov

Sergei Ivanov – journalist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru