Music producer and TV presenter Yana Rudkovskaya has four children. Two older sons already live separately and study at MGIMO. Married to Plushenko, the couple also has two sons.

In a conversation with TV presenter Elena Sever, we talked about that. What should be, according to Yana, the ideal father for children. Yana noted that she had a unique situation with children:

“I have two children that I gave birth to. One adopted – I adopted him at the age of one month and raised him as my own. And I have one surrogate child.”

According to Yana, this situation allowed her to know all the feelings of her mother. However, after the birth of Arseny, she also understood how her father felt.

“And I can say that the ideal dad, in principle, is the person, the dad who experiences emotions of happiness with his family throughout his life,” Rudkovskaya summed up.

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