Yailin better known on social media as Yailin”the most viral«, possibly he will change his daughter’s name due to his separation with the father of the minor Anuel AA.

The couple began their affair shortly after the announcement of the separation of several years of relationship between the Colombian Carol G.with the Puerto Rican anuel aaand according to sources the Dominican would have seduced her ex-husband to be unfaithful to the Colombian.

However, since the past January 9th when the rapper announced his separation with the also rapper, it is speculated that the name of the first daughter of the two who was originally cattleya it could change.

Reports mention that Yailin, the most viral, is discussing the issue with her closest family, obviously without the company of the girl’s father, and will make a decision soon with the presumed new name, since she is only a few weeks pregnant.

Although the also model has not yet ruled on the decision, she did affirm that she is already presenting the characteristic pains of the end of pregnancy.

«Today I woke up with some pain, these last few days have been very uncomfortable“, expressed the singer on her social networks, reaffirming to her fans the upcoming birth of her baby between the month of February either March.

The truth and according to his social network instagram The relationship did not end on good terms, eliminating all traces of her partner, and now Yailin would be cutting all kinds of ties with her ex-husband who was a partner of Karol G from Antioquia.