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Yailin, The Most Viral, Publishes a photo confirming that Anuel AA savagely beat her

The most viral Dominican trapper and influencer, Yailin, has been causing a lot to talk about on social networks since the war began against her ex-partner, the Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA, whom she has accused of having beaten her while she was pregnant. Therefore, the star has shown a photo that confirms what happened.

Amid the enormous drama that is leaving the give and take between Anuel AA and the American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, the dark secrets of both parties have been revealed.

However, what has stolen the attention of all Internet users are the statements that Tekashi has made. He says that the real reason for the separation of Yailin and Anuel was his physical and psychological abuse during the pregnancy. of the influencer

This confession has been supported by Yailin, who confirmed it through her stories on her official Instagram account, in which she exposed various secrets of her breakup with the ragman.

The first thing she revealed was that, during her pregnancy stage and since the birth of her daughter, Anuel had not helped her at all for Cattleya, giving an example that she did not even have milk or diapers at the time of delivery. she was giving birth.

“When I was pregnant and when I gave birth, I needed diapers and milk for your daughter for rent, and you ignored me.”

Despite this, what has caused a scandal is the photo that the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ has published, where you can see the blows that her ex-partner gave her savagely during an argument.

After the attacks that Anuel is carrying out on her social networks, Yailin has not hesitated to expose him to the whole world with the help of Tekashi, confirming all the mistreatment she suffered during her pregnancy.

The truth of all this controversy is that Yailin, the most viral, and Anuel AA, do not want to see themselves in painting. Therefore, the drama between them does not seem to have an air of calm.

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