The popular ragpicker and wife of the also ragpicker Anuel AA was seen without any kind of Photoshop, which caused many followers to leave several criticisms regarding the great differences of the actress without this editing tool.

A paparazzi photographed naturally and without Photoshop Yailin The Most Viral, And as expected, in social networks they criticized the many filters that they use to look better on their social networks until they could not.

A picture of her trying to ride a jet ski while enjoying her 20th birthday with Anuel, surprised everyone on social media.

The Dominican influencer, who looks almost perfect in her Instagram posts, was portrayed by a paparazzi and the young woman is seen naturally, without Photoshop, but with some natural imperfections on her body.

Despite the fact that the ragpicker also presumes her cosmetic surgeries in the publications of her official account of Instagram, With filtered and retouched images, seeing it without any editing was a surprise to many social media users.

The couple was at all times aboard a luxurious yacht, where they sailed in the Mediterranean. While Anuel surprised his wife with a giant bouquet of red roses, balloons and drinks, he wrote People magazine.

“The filters were left at home, look for them Yailin and never go out without them”, “The point is that in her photos she shows a perfection that does not exist, instead of showing herself as she really is”, “Biopolymers activated”, “There is nothing wrong with it looking like this. The bad thing is that she gives it to her that she is hotter, because of so much operation, ”these were some of the comments from netizens mocking the imperfections of Yailin the most viral.