Undoubtedly, this viral couple has generated great controversy on social networks, in an event full of screams during the concert of Anuel AAin the USAwhich include boos and some accidents on stage expressed by the discontent of the fans.

Throughout the concert, the Dominican singer was recorded in moments of trouble and desperation, since her voice was affected by a break or, as it is normally called, a “rooster”.

Causing a drastic change in his voice, as can be seen in the video of his performance, where the fans realized, and recorded this bad moment live, ensuring that he does not sing well and even recommended that he take classes to control his voice.

Below the video:

Likewise, the Dominican singer took the opportunity on that occasion to give a statement about the rumors that Anuel AA and her expected son with the other woman are talking about.

“Few women have a man like the one I have”

Making it clear that Yailin the most viral is not able to sing at live concerts.