The Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, is being accused of having hit a presenter in Dominican Republic. The Puerto Rican Trapper’s Wife anuel aa he would have attacked the woman with the help of his sister, while they were in a beauty salon.

Yailin the most viral is being accused of having hit a presenter, despite the fact that she is in an advanced state of pregnancy and has presented some risks.

Several media from the Dominican Republic were the ones who reported that Anuel’s wife, his sister and three other women whose identities are unknown, would have beaten the presenter in a beauty salon ‘Stove’, who according to Yailin would have criticized her on social networks several times, so she took advantage of the moment to attack her.

the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ She would have lost control and even while she was pregnant she went to blows to the presenter, when she was straightening her hair in the beauty salon.

For now, no more details of what happened are known, however, in the Dominican Republic the issue is already beginning to go viral, since Fogón is a journalist quite popular in that country.

the steps he takes Yailin generate trend in social media, so this act could bring harsh criticism against her, and even more so due to the advanced state of her pregnancy and the problems she has had that even had to be admitted to a hospital.

And you, what do you think of this controversy?