Yailin the most viral has confirmed what would be her separation with the Puerto Rican anuel aaand according to what he has expressed, he hopes not to see him again.

The relationship between Yailin and anuel aawhich began shortly after the rapper ended his relationship with the Colombian singer Carol G.began in a very hasty manner, which according to various media could have consequences.

It seems that this was what happened, since the couple shortly after announcing their relationship, also signed their marriage before the authorities. And after eight months of their union they claimed to be expecting their first daughter.

However, surprisingly a few weeks after the birth of the daughter between the two, the rapper officially announced through his social networks the termination of the marriage with the Dominican.

news that Yailin has confirmed with some very forceful acts. First of all, the rapper decided to deactivate the comment option for her on her instagram, because she does not want to be in the middle of the controversy, when her first-born is soon to be born. And now the singer has stopped following anuel confirming that he aspires not to see him anymore.

Although the events that forced the couple to terminate their union are not clear, everything seems to indicate that it would be the Puerto Rican who ended the affair.