The Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral has been hospitalized on an emergency basis at a hospital in Santo Domingo, due to health complications that would have worsened as a result of his official break with the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA.

In the last 24 hours, there is nothing that is talked about the most in networks that of the controversial separation between Anuel AA and Yailin the most viral. Her marriage is over, and it’s over with just weeks to go until her baby is released. Cattleya.

And now, in the last few hours, very worrying information has emerged on social networks, since the account of instagram elrealimperiodecasimira__2, has reported that the trapera has been hospitalized in an emergency.

The possible causes of Yailin’s state of health would be due to how bad he feels about the break with the Puerto Rican. To the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ She seemed very happy in her romance, since it is no secret to anyone that she had her future secured by the ragpicker.

Meanwhile, there have been no other reports of the state of health in which he is Yailin at this moment, nor if your pregnancy is presenting complications again as it was a few weeks ago.