The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa and his wife, the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, have surprised their fans after revealing the first photo of their baby cattleya, which will come to this world in two months.

The controversial marriage of Anuel AA and Yailin the most viral continues to give people talk in the social media. And it is that now the couple has shown some photos where the face of their baby Cattleya can be seen, which is expected to come into this world in the month of March.

The trapera’s pregnancy has made Anuel very happy, who together with his wife has been very happy about the sweet expectation of their new baby, despite the fact that he has received accusations from the mother of his son Pablo, accusing him of being a liar and a bad father.

However, that is what matters least to the interpreter of ‘Alone’, who is not skimping on expenses for the arrival of his third daughter, despite the fact that he does not want to recognize the second daughter either, who came into this world a few months ago as a result of a small romance he had with a young woman named Melissa Valencilla.

The photos that both have shown of their baby were published on the social network Instagram, generating all kinds of comments and congratulations among its millions of fans and followers around the world.