Yailin ‘The Most Viral’ released on February 22 his new single in collaboration with Minor Queenchikilio‘, where various entertainment media ensure that it is dedicated to Carol G..

Lately, it is very fashionable among artists to send hints to their ex-partners through songs, and the thing is that the Dominican Yailin ‘La Mas Viral’ did not wait long either. Many of her followers and fans of her, including some media, assure that Yailin also shot to Karol G, yeah anuel aa in his single “chikilio«.

Not being an artist of great recognition as it is ‘the bichota‘, his theme was quite criticized by the experts, where they mentioned his confusing handwriting and his accent with slang that perhaps is only used in Dominican Republicleaving many of his fans without understanding what he was referring to in his song.

The music video shows a part where Menor Queen appears in a red dress and with hair of the same color, referring to Anuel AA’s ex-partner. Karol G, who currently has hair of that color, also appears a car for babies, and followed by this a lot moneyperhaps referring to the share of maintenance that the Latin trap singer will have to give him when his daughter is born.