Yailinbetter known in the music industry as “Yailin the most viral”, has made a tough decision, after confirming her separation with her husband until a few days ago, anuel aa.

The day February 9 of 2023 the world of entertainment, and the millions of followers of the couple lived a sad moment, after the rapper anuel aa confirmed by means of a video on his networks, that he was no longer in a loving relationship with his former wife.

The also rapper, and who is pregnant with the singer, had to make strong decisions after the news went viral on different social networks, this in order to take care of her pregnancy.

Until now, little has been seen of the day-to-day life of the Dominican, and despite the fact that she has been absent from her networks, without providing any type of statement in this regard, her actions reflect that she wants to avoid controversy surrounding the separation.

The rapper has preferred to disable the comments that people can make on her instagram personal, according to the media because being in the last period of her pregnancy, she must remain as calm as possible, so that her daughter can have a good birth.

Although anuel aa I make it clear that Yailin It will always be her family, since she is the mother of her daughter, she explained to her followers that the relationship is definitely over.