The popular Dominican trapper and influencer expelled a fan from her concert for looking like Carol G. In what way did it look like?

Apparently, the real reason they took the assistant out of the concert was because she was wearing a blue wig, which coincides with the look of Colombian reggaeton artist Karol G, ex-partner of Anuel AA.

At the time, the fan stated that they had taken her out of the club at the request of Yailin the most viral, making the complaint viral on social networks and generating a new wave of criticism for the trapera.

“I just got kicked out of Marbella Lounge because of my wig. I went as a fan to see Yailin and they told me that I couldn’t be there, that I had to go out, because Miss Yailin said that she was not going to sing if there was a woman with a wig of this color, that is, blue “, asserted the fanatic.

Immediately, fans of Karol G criticized Yailin, where they affirmed that the Dominican acts in a very childish way by wanting to avoid everything related to Karol, including blue wigs.