The Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral and her husband, the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, They starred in a daring dance scene with the advanced pregnancy of the 20-year-old, which has earned them a great wave of criticism for the danger to which they expose their future baby.

the ragpickers anuel Y Yailin they traveled to the Dominican Republic, native land of the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’, to record the official video of the Puerto Rican’s new song “Of the kilo”.

The ragpickers invited the neighbors of the place where they were to appear in the video, who with great joy agreed to the request, and it was there where the commented moment of the dance between the couple took place.

Yailin She was very excited to meet her compatriots again and was encouraged to star in a sexy and daring dance with her husband, despite the fact that she is pregnant.

This event caused a series of criticisms of the couple, since it is assumed that in her advanced state of pregnancy, the trapper should not make sudden movements, much less be dancing, because it compromises the health of her future daughter.

The video was recorded and has gone viral in all social media, who are quite aware of everything the couple does while they are sweetly waiting for their future baby.