The Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral and the Puerto Rican trapper and composer Anuel AA, They have been very happy in recent days, since the birth of their baby cattleya It will be in a few weeks. And now, the couple has managed to see their baby’s face through an ultrasound that has made them cry with joy.

Although the marriage of Yailin and Anuel has been the subject of harsh criticism on social networks, the couple has been firm in their actions and intentions that they have planned together as a formal marriage.

The upcoming birth of their first baby is proof that they are taking things very seriously, despite all the bad things they have received from fans of the Colombian reggaeton singer. Carol G, who was the ex-girlfriend of the Puerto Rican ragpicker.

And despite this wave of negativity, the marriage is granting a baby, which has finally been seen through an ultrasound. the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ has shared the beautiful moment on social networks, and has not hesitated to let us know that she and Anuel are happier than ever.

The publication has been made through his official account of instagram, where her fans support her in her sweet wait. Adding to this, the trapper has been sharing more details about her pregnancy, even opening an Instagram account to cattleya, your future baby.

Although there are several media that affirm that anuel aa He is not entirely happy with what is currently going on in his life, he has no plan to put everything aside and separate from his wife.

Everything is the opposite with Yailin, Anuel AA if you want to form a long and extended family, something that unfortunately could not happen with Carol G, who is currently in dating rumors with the Colombian singer and producer Feid.