Few hours ago Yailin Y anuel aa They worried their followers, since they said that they almost lost their lives on a flight.

Yailin, who is expecting a baby with her husband Anuel AA, They were traveling when the plane presented some technical failures and had to make an emergency landing.

Although the singer and her Puerto Rican husband anuel aa They have filled the digital media headlines with the news of their first baby, this time the same thing happened, but because of the distressing moment they suffered.

The couple traveling to Mexico He had to experience one of the most distressing moments of his life, because when the plane was at a considerable height one of the front windows broke, forcing him to have to make an emergency landing.

anuel aa He referred to the fact saying: «Thank God we are alive, it seems that death was hanging around, but my God is stronger, at takeoff I declared in the name of Jesus to land safe and sound as always without knowing what awaited us and it was the same… Mexico, I’m here. Amen»

For her part, the singer Yailin She assured that she was grateful to life for giving her a new opportunity, because she feared not only for her life but also for that of her baby, adding: “My God thank you for always being with one«.