1.A moment of surprise

When it’s Agáta Hanychová she broke up with the handsome doctor, no one expected to find a replacement so quickly. Although fans never underestimate her in this regard and know that she wishes happiness to the prepared, they did not imagine such a love year even in the wildest dreams and fantasies.

That he’s currently dating a media mogul Jaromír Soukupsome of the fans haven’t exhaled yet and still can’t understand that it didn’t end up in the arms of a tanned surfer, whom she “targeted” with seductive photos on Instagram.

All this plays into their hands, because such connections often last a surprisingly long time, much longer than those who fit together from the beginning.

2.Both are famous …

Whether it was an art carpenter, a film producer or a doctor, they were always less famous than she herself. This may seem like a valuable asset at first, but in the end Agatha’s relationships often ran out.

With Soukup, he doesn’t have to deal with the fact that her boyfriend wants to be as famous as her, or on the contrary, she suffers from dating a famous lady and it bothers him because he would like a nice “girl next door”.

3.… and Slavomans too

Both Agatha and Soukup love fame and cannot be without it. True, in this respect they have nothing to blame, on the other hand, he knows about it and it can either divide them or, on the contrary, unite them.

Discussing likes, reading discussions about yourself, they all quite enjoy it and like to talk about it. They are quite similar to Monica and Leoš Marešová.

Perhaps we will soon see the show Agát Jaromír Soukup, which will replace the Jaromír Soukup Arena.

4.Three months and enough

We’ll see how long this romance lasts. It is customary for Hanychová that only the toughest or most promising partners and acquaintances will last longer than the proverbial three months. He dates a month with Soukup, so the relationship is still in the first period.

But it is quite possible that the mogul will last longer than its predecessors. And that there were! As the former boxer, the boss of the universe from TV Barrandov is quite tough and doesn’t just give up, let alone without a fight …

5.Žilková at the Castle

If Veronica Žilková did not succeed with Martin Stropnický, it could still work through her daughter Agáta. Soukup does not hide his ambitions to become a respected statesman, preferably a president.

That it sounds like science fiction and a very big bizarre? The Czechs love this directly, and because the president is elected directly, he calmly throws a vote in the ballot box with the name of the media mogul, moderator, actor, chef, boxer and political commentator in one, just “to have fun”.

Well, tell me, when did our country have such a versatile man? And such a first lady?