In the middle of the middle, Sparta took a deep breath, after a series of games, I seemed to be fighting for the title. But since the second half of April, she has won only one game, one draw and recorded in portions. Bda a zmar.

In Pilsen, she imitated last week’s performance against Hradec Krlov (1: 1). She was not an opponent, she was in danger, she sent the only stele among them for the match, she had the only opportunity to score a goal. And in defense was alost.

Plze ns ve vem. She decided again in the first half, punishing us for non-compliance, inconsistency, for inability to get into suitable situations. She was clearly a god and checked all the time, said Pavel Vrba, a spaniard at the press conference.

Was it unworthy of Sparta?
I can’t explain it.

Was it clear that esoupe should be determined?
It was very nice. In the expensive, in the standards, resigned us, quickly went into the lead.

Was it a sign that he was traveling to the finals of the Moravian Cup and then didn’t play?
I don’t think that should show. I wouldn’t take that as an excuse at all. It wasn’t a reason, we played very badly for the match.

Hloek didn’t hide the game twice. Was he in charge of the head first?

Let’s think Adam is also a sunhead. We have it at the heart of the matter, that the dark ones know that they are able to deal with the dark in fights.

After hours, you married Wiesner. Shouldn’t you have taken him out at two?
He played a very special fight, he has not been caught since the arrest. Hunt your head a lot. I thought I would catch on, we didn’t have much worthwhile money except Ska. I waited for the half-tail. It was a mistake not to cost him two.

Fans don’t want a title for Slavia, they also don’t have to mind losing in Pilsen. Did it play a role in the approach to salvation?
We do not play for Slavia or Pilsen. We play for Sparta.

Are you worried about your position?
That’s mm always. Especially when some people talk about it. I’m ready for anything. The correctness of some copper is truly admirable.