Studio Blizzard has launched pre-orders for the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. There would be nothing special about it, but many were surprised by the promise of the release date. We do not know any specific ones yet, however, the creators claim that they will release the game by 31 December 2022 inclusive.

You can say that the gaming community will never be satisfied and you are right. However, if we put the announcement in the context of how much time has usually elapsed since the announcement of the data disc, alpha version and beta version, some concerns are in place. Based on these clues, many people, myself included, were optimistic that the game would not be released until the first quarter of next year at the earliest. That Blizzard will learn from the hurried releases of recent years.

It is likely that Blizzard’s management and creative team are under a lot of pressure. Although I enjoyed the current expansion of Shadowlands at launch, the subsequent release and reluctance to make the necessary adjustments turned it into one of the worst data discs ever. According to unofficial information, this was reflected in the number of subscribers, so management needs to get a new expansion out as soon as possible. It’s a vicious circle.

Of course, it’s possible that Blizzard’s approach has changed, and when he realized that Shadowlands was no longer worth saving, he crossed out the planned content and transferred the developers to Dragonflight. The fact that Dragonflight does not seem like a sweeping expansion can also help.

The new Evocer race and Dracthyr profession will be available before the release, the remake of the talent is great, but most have been or are in some form in the game, and the redesign of the professions and user interface doesn’t sound like something to make the most of the team. The reputation gain adjustment is based on the Renown function from Shadowlands, which is again nothing out of the ordinary.

Digital content of the most expensive edition.

In addition to the collector’s version, three digital editions can be pre-ordered. The basic one costs 50 euros (roughly 1,250 crowns) and in addition to the basic game with the possibility to play for a new race and profession before the release, it contains a pet. Heroic for 70 euros (approximately 1,750 crowns) adds another pet, mount and boost of one character to level 60. Epic for 90 euros (approximately 2,250 crowns) packs another set of ingame items or effects and 30 days of game time ( yes, only in the highest version).

In the end, there is also the possibility that Blizzard will not meet the deadline and the release will be postponed to the next year. Whatever the outcome, for a game that requires a subscription and buys a data disc about every two years or so, the creators should try to make a hell of a good, quality product.